Blanca Ausín, Premio Nacional al Joven Talento Femenino

Last February 4 young researchers received the Prize by the Academia de las Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales y Mastercard.

Blanca received the Prize in the category «Biology, Geology, and related sciences», among 185 other candidates

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February 2024

A new laboratory for the study of climate and environmental changes

The PASSAGE team inaugurates the BIoGeosciencies laboratory (BIG). The laboratory aims at isolating, purifying, and dating specific organic compounds and molecules from marine sediments, soils and vegetation, to inform on the Carbon Cycle and Climate Change 


December 2023

PASSAGE23 CRUISE: A floating laboratory in the Atlantic Ocean

PASSAGE23, the oceanographic cruise for the study of climate change, concludes successfully

Press link (Spanish):



November 2023

You can touch it!

We successfully completed the fieldtrip associated with the 2nd Postcruise Meeting IODP Exp. 378 held in Zumaia (Basque Country) on the 20-21st July, 2023.
We visited several Eocene stratigraphic sections guided by the expert Dr. Aitor Payros (UPV/EHU) and enjoyed the geological jewels of the Basque Coast Geopark, which is part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network.

We were right at the K-Pg, but the meteorite didn’t catch us this time!


July 2023

Women in Science

Blanca Ausín is recognized as one of the  Innovating Women of the Unidad de Mujeres y Ciencia y Unidad de Igualdad of the Spanish Government



February 2023

Abstract sumbission is open

Exactly three years ago we began our journey towards Expedition 378. It is time to gather again, and the Group of Oceanic Geosciences is excited to host the 2nd Postcruise Meeting and welcome you all in Salamanca.

Reception cocktail: 16th July

Meeting: Salamanca 17-19th July

Fieldtrip: Basque Coast 20-21st July

Abstracts & Registration close: 15 May

Send us an email to for more info

IX Jornadas Investigadoras en Castilla y León

We are invited to present our work at the  IX Jornadas Investigadoras en Castilla y León.

Watch it here

February 2023

CLIVAR23: Towards an integrated view of climate

The Congress «CLIVAR 2023: Towards and Integrated View of Climate» tries to bring together the Spanish climate scientific community to have an integrated global vision of the climate system and its variability that allows the preparation of the next CLIVAR Report, which regionalizes the results presented recently at the 6th IPCC


January 2023

Climate Change denialism

Spanish experts in Paleoclimatology promote a manifesto among scientists who study climate in all its areas to demand that the Ilustre Colegio de Geólogos withdraw a denialist article on climate change.




December 2022

Outstanding Female Academics

Blanca Ausín is recognized as an outstanding female academic by the AcademiaNet de la Swiss National Science Foundation

July 2022

PASSAGE: the ocean voyage of tiny particles

Discover what our project is about in this article of El Mundo innovadores

June 2022

Chatting with other ocean lovers

We explain the objectives of PASSAGE in the RTVE program «Españoles en la mar«



May 2022

Common Ground Talks

Let’s hear from an expert! PASSAGE PI, Dr. Blanca Ausín, talks about the scope of the project at the forum organized by the Agricultural Production and Environment Unit of Excellence AGRIENVIRONMENT


May 2022

PASSAGE: Bridging gaps in paleo-climatic recontructions

We talk about the potential of PASSAGE at an interview with the Spanish embassy for the UK



May 2022