PASSAGE is only possible thanks to the many people who have helped us whenever we have needed it.

They are not part of the project (or perhaps they are, but for other reasons), and yet they make PASSAGE possible thanks to their selfless help, dedicating their time and resources to help us beyond their work obligations.

Here is a THANK YOU! to all of you who make this piece of science possible!

To Francisco J. Sierro Sánchez

The Head of the Group of Oceanic Geosciences at USAL. For supporting this project, for supporting us, for swimming against the current in a world of scientific madness.

To Begoña E. Quintana

The Head of the Group of Radiaciones Ionizantes y Datación at USAL, for her infinite generosity in offering us lab space in her facilities when we needed it the most.

To Begoña E. Quintana, Teresa Marcos Corral, David Borrego Alonso, and Anxo Rodríguez Álvarez

The members of the Group of Radiaciones Ionizantes y Datación at USAL, for always being willing to solve our doubts about everything related to laboratories.

To Antonio Blanco

The head of the Technical Unit at our building, for helping us with everything related to workshop parts and tools.

To Daniel Fernández Vicente

The head of the graphic department at VACIOPLAST SALAMANCA, S.L., for his tremendous generosity, whenever we needed help with all types of random stuff!

To the Crew of the R/V Ramón Margalef

For their commitment and willingness during PASSAGE23 cruise, and more importantly, for making it possible!

To the Unidad de Tecnología Marina (UTM)

For their dedication, hard work, and kindness during PASSAGE23 cruise.