Open positions

PhD researcher position

Applications are invited for a PhD Student position for 48 months  starting in September/October 2023 and supervised by Dr. Blanca Ausín.

Application deadline: March 31th 2023

Call and applications

Opportunities at Usal

Several positions will open soon to work on PASSAGE and will be advertised on this page… Stay tuned!

Why do research at Usal?

Researching at the Group of Oceanic Geosciences

Join a vibrant group of enthusiastic climate and ocean scientists

Future opening positions

Technical Staff member

TS will manage the Organic Geochemistry laboratory. They will take care of instrument maintenance and analyses and train students and visitors.


PD will hold a PhD in Earth Science (e.g., paleoceanography) and will have experience in short-term climate variability programming, and modelling.

PhD Position II

This PhD candidate will have a background in Oceanography and some experience in Organic Geochemistry.

At the end of this project, the Postdoc and PhD Students would have gained much experience and laboratory skills in sampling and both well-established and novel methods in the (paleo)oceanographic field(s).


They would have also acquired a high-level publication record, teaching experience through mentoring students, and expanded their network, which will provide them with a high-level research profile in the field of Earth Science and the opportunity to continue a productive and successful research career.